Zoe, Administrative

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“With being a Mother, Wife, Student, Employee, Cook, and Coach, I really needed an extra edge...”

“I am a 42-year-old mother of five kids, ages 12, 13, 14, 19, and 22, with a 1-year-old grandson. Yes, so I’m busy!

Plus, I work full time as a government contractor for the US Navy. I am a clerical administrator III, but because of the national security I am pledged under, I’m not at liberty to discuss particulars, but I can tell you that HCF A20® keeps my mind sharp.

I’m also a junior at a private University here in addition to my administrative duties at work (not to mention my domestic roles in life), and A20® is my lifesaver besides my Bible. :)

During one of my internet searches for brain supplements, I came across HCF A20®, and A20® was highly recommended because of how the natural ingredients were safely combined for optimum effectiveness targeted to the brain.

So I tried it, and OMG!!! I love this stuff. I take it daily, and I’m about to purchase my third bottle. I can retain just about everything I learn and breeze through my studies. BEST of all, I no longer need coffee to get through my long days.

With being a Mother, Wife, Student, Employee, Cook, and Coach, I really needed an extra edge. This helps me end a long day well.. usually with a smile, depending on my children that day. :-)

Thank you guys so much!! Now I just need to get my children on it! Lol”

— Zoe P., Administrative, Summerville, South Carolina

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